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Fri Mar 12 19:05:33 CET 2010

STEIM Hotpot Lab #3 

Presentations by
Jeff Snyder / Snyderphonics
Alan Macy / BIOPAC

Performances by
Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein 
Benjolin workshop after-party 

Saturday, March 27 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Door open: 20:00 hrs.
Charge: Free

Volume 3 of our monthly event Hotpot lab will feature Jeff Snyder talking about his work in electro-acoustic music and instrument design as well as introducing his unique product, the Manta. Alan Macy will talk about general and cutting edge techniques in bioinformatic sensing through his work as director of R&D at BIOPAC. Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein will talk about about some of his recent work including Gliss, a performance oriented music sequencer for the iPhone, and will perform his piece Hexagon for Manta and SuperCollider. Additionally participants of the super popular Benjolin workshop will perform with their freshly made instruments under the guidance of Joker Nies. We plan to host another Benjolin workshop in May, so this will be a great opportunity to check out the actual kit. Hope to see you there!
Artist videos here : http://www.steim.org/STEIMBLOG/?p=1422

ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jeff Snyder (b.1978) is a composer, instrument designer, electronics performer and sound artist working in New York City. His works, which often employ combinations of acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments, have been performed by a variety of ensembles, including the Knights String Orchestra, ICE, the Timetable Percussion Trio and L'Ensemble Portique. His work for solo saxophone with custom-built feedback electronics has been performed several times around the country by saxophonist Eliot Gattegno. In addition to his concert works, he often collaborates with artists from other mediums, most frequently with the modern dance group Fivefour, the choreographer/video artist Nora Stephens, and the visual artist Gandalf Gavan.

Alan Macy is currently the Research and Development Director for BIOPAC Systems, Inc. BIOPAC (http://www.biopac.com/) is a biomedical equipment developer and manufacturer based in Goleta, California, which employs approximately 50 people.  He has been acting in this capacity since 2008.  Macy is responsible for managing the development of new products destined for BIOPAC’s R&D product line.  He is also responsible for coordinating technical certification efforts including those for CE marking - Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards.

Macy has designed systems to monitor the electrical signals generated by the heart, neuronal activity of the brain, eye motion as related to the corneal-retinal potential, skeletal and intestinal muscle.  He has developed systems and transducers to monitor additional physiological variables, such as electrodermal activity, vaso-dialation/constriction, respiration, oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, cardiac output, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, isometric strength, joint angle, 3D acceleration and respiratory airflow.  He has developed haptic, optical, electric and auditory-based stimulation systems, designed to support evoked response type measurements.  He has developed digital signal processing methods to create filters and associated algorithms to extract meaningful data from physiological data. 

The Benjolin is a ‘noise box’ that is ‘bent by design’, meaning that it always has a definite amount of unpredictability while it is still intuitive to play. The Benjolin features two eighteen-octave range voltage controlled oscillators that drive a ‘rungler’ circuit, circuitry that in essence uses a special interference technique feeding back into the oscillators to force them into wild chaotic behaviour. A special slightly chaotic filter is both excited and modulated by the signals from the rungler circuitry processes, producing sounds between fat drones to grungy noise havoc. The kit is somewhat challenging to build, but with a little patience and accuracy a beginner in DIY can definitely do it successfully. In a one-day workshop conducted by legendary synth builder Rob Hordijk and circuit bender Joker Nies, participants will build the Benjolin, an analog sound-device that is very different from what you usually will find with other DIY-kits.

Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein is active in and in between various areas ranging from compositions, live electronics and sound installation to software design, radio programming and teaching. His work often focuses on one material or subject and seeks for ways to set it in different contexts and perspectives. He is the founder of TeaTracks, a company for mobile applications, which released Gliss, a tilt controlled and performance oriented sequencer for the iPhone in 2009. With t.i.e. (transportable instruments ensemble) he is performing music using Gliss. Since 2002 he has been an active SuperCollider developer and organised of the second international SuperCollider Symposium in The Hague in 2007. Currently he is completing a PhD in Composition at the University of Birmingham. His activities have been supported by the Gaudeamus Foundation, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Arts & Humanities Research Council and Stroom Den Haag.


Jeff Snyder http://www.scattershot.org/news.htm

Manta Controller http://www.snyderphonics.com/products.htm

Biopac http://www.biopac.com/

Benjolin workshop http://www.steim.org/steim/workshops.php?id=148&b=1&r=1

Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein http://falkenst.com

Gliss  http://teatracks.com/gliss
More info at http://www.steim.nl

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