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Mon Oct 19 10:49:05 CEST 2009

Sonology Concert:
Pablo Sanz Almoguera
Hugo Morales

Date: Wednesday October 21 2009
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20:30h
Entrance: free

Pablo Sanz Almoguera

Field recordings based (re)composition. An aural trip involving the  
stillness of the Dutch canals, the windy Portuguese north coast,  
summer nights in the Spanish countryside and the pulsating mechanical  
drones of Berlin. Pablo Sanz Almoguera (ES/NL) is a sound explorer  
whose artistic activities are based mostly in the practice of remix  
and the use and abuse of appropriated and found elements, with  
incursions in the fields of photography, djing, experimental sound art  
and live video. He is one of the editors of Mediateletipos.net and  
coordinator of the open community Artesonoro.org. Since 2007 he lives  
and works in Den Haag, where he is also a student at the ArtScience  


Hugo Morales - Session 5 for light dependent guitar-oscillator and  
digital process (10 min approx)

Hugo Morales Murguia (Mexico, 1979) His current work focuses on the  
use of traditional instruments, daily life objects and technology as  
generators of sound structures and essential elements for music  
composition. Attempting to bypass conventional paradigms created by  
the evolution of musical tradition that conversely affect creation,  
conception and ultimately communication. His works encompass a variety  
of musical media such as virtuosic solo instrumental pieces, ensemble  
pieces, live electronics and fixed media music. His chamber music  
works have been performed by ensembles such as: The Arditti Quartet,  
New Music Ensemble, El Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Modelo 62, Broooomm!  
Ensemble, Klang Ensemble and L’Ensemble Intercontemporain, among  
others. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree at Brunel University  
with the support of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds from The  
Netherlands and The Mexican Council for the Culture and Arts (FONCA),  
and living as an active composer/performer in The Netherlands and the  



Yolanda Uriz (computer-processed flutes) and Ángel Faraldo (computer)  
started playing together in January 2007. Since then, they have been  
exploring different ways to relate to each other through free  
improvisation. In their current setup, they use a multichannel system  
to potentiate their attempt to create a common and single sound/ 
structure, merging their individual contributions in a way that non- 
standard synthesis, DSP and Yolanda’s flutes are at times hard to be  
dissected. They have presented they work in The Netherlands, Greece,  
Spain and the UK. Their first release, Villa Ockenburg, is available  
at Larraskito net-label (www.xedh.org/larraskito) from June  
2008.Besides their work in duet, they collaborate frequently with  
other improvisers in trio and quartet settings  They are both members  
of The Royal Improvisers Orchestra.



Steindor Kristinson (laptop)
Michiel Claus (drums)
Ofer Smilansky (laptop, vocal)
Yamila Rios Manzanares (cello, laptop, vocal)
Ofir Klemperer (keyboard, laptop, vocal)

The ensemble exists since 2006. Its members started by creating  
improvised music, which developed through the years into much more  
precise and composed pieces. Mainly playing all the five together, the  
musicians of the band also work in different combinations of smaller  
groups, and create various artistic pieces and projects involving  
music, video and performance. Gamila played over the last few years in  
different venues in The Hague, Rotterdam and Bruxelles and presented  
its works in various events. Gamila's unique sounds, harmony and  
melodies are based on the attention given to the pulse of breath and  
on the constant interaction between the musicians. The outcome is a  
psychedelic avantgarde dramatic party music! Currently, Gamila is  
rehearsing composed tunes and pieces for several coming performances,  
and recording an album.


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