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Thu Oct 15 16:14:33 CEST 2009

STEIM at 40! presents in the Local Stop concert series:

Juan Parra Cancino & Santiago Lascurain
Gareth Davis with Jan and Romke Kleefstra
Seamus Cater, Viljam Nybacka & Mike Majkowski
This is a true Local Stop, showcasing local artists that have worked at
STEIM in recent years. Contrasting Juan Parra`s timbre networks with Seamus
Cater`s post-electronic songs and Frisian poetry in a set with clarinettist
Gareth Davis. 

Date: Thursday Oct 22 2009
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30h
Entrance: € 5

Juan Parra Cancino
PLP_Fukuoka (2009) for solo computer
PLP_SL (2009) for Guitar and Computer (Santiago Lascurain, Guitar)

PLP is a series of works focusing on the new lectures given to traditional
music conventions, particularly on the use of a notation system that will
help to spawn the exploratory process between traditional and electronic
musicians. The organizational backbone of these works is derived from the
concept of "timbre networks" an overall structural composition strategy
devised by Juan Parra C, aimed to design high order parameters in live
electronic music.

Seamus Cater, Viljam Nybacka & Mike Majkowski

An Englishman and a Finn living in Amsterdam. Seamus writes and sings, plays
Fender Rhodes and re-tuned harmonicas, Viljam plays drums, ukelele and sings
backing. The songs are a series of biographies of artists and athletes.
Both Seamus and Viljam have backgrounds in experimental music and jazz and
this feeds a beautiful experimental folk sound. As well as more personal
songs, the biographies include Ewan MacColl, Bas Jan Ader, L.S. Lowry, Henry
Darger, Alexis Lapointe and Eadweard Muybridge. The style of writing is
informed by traditional English ballads and the British folk music revival
of the 1950`s, without in any way trying to recreate it.


Gareth Davis with Jan and Romke Kleefstra

Jan Kleefstra writes `fragments` about the land between lakes and near the
sea, and because words about land and water are vulnerable, especially when
the relationship with them is fragile, he doesn`t want the words to hit the
ground and be trampled down by people after the pen leaves the paper. So,
after various chance encounters , the releases of the `Piiptsjilling` and
`Wink` CDs along with Romke Kleefstra, Machinefabriek, Soccer Committee and
Chris Bakker, and countless cups of overpriced coffee, Jan, Romke and Gareth
Davis converged in a converted barn due north east of Sneek on a cold,
frozen Thursday, February 2009 and produced an album of stacked drones,
clashing backgrounds in free jazz and academia over broken texts, amplifier
hiss and distorted reeds.



Juan Parra Cancino (b. Chile, 1979) Studied Composition in the Catholic
University of Chile and Sonology at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague
(NL). His compositions are constantly performed in Europe, The Americas and
Japan and have been selected and awarded at the Bourges Electroacoustic
Music Competition of 2003 and 2004. As a guitar player he has participated
in several courses of Guitar Craft, a school founded by Robert Fripp,
becoming part of various related guitar ensembles. He has been invited to
give lectures and do residences at Centre for Composers (Gotland, Sweden),
North Texas University (Denton, USA), Republic University (Uruguay), Banff
Center (CAN),Tokyo U. of the Arts, among others.
Parra collaborates regularly with artists like Frances Marie Uitti, Richard
Craig, KLANG and Insomnio Ensemble. He is founder and active member of The
Electronic Hammer, a Computer and Percussion Music Ensemble devoted to the
creation and promotion of the music of the XXI century and Wiregriot, a
voice and electronics duo that seeks to reconstruct the repertoire for this
format. He is currently a PhD candidate of the Leiden University in Holland
and the Orpheus Institute in Gent with the research project "Towards a
Performance Practice in Computer Music", supported by the Prins Bernhard
Cultuur Fonds, and the Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatory in
The Hague. Since October 2008, he has been appointed as associate researcher
for the Orpheus Institute Research Center in Music (ORCiM).

Santiago Lascurain (Mexico,1980) is a versatile guitarist that feels at home
with modern as well as classical repertoire and has broad experience in
chamber music. As a soloist he has performed recitals in Mexico City, San
Francisco, Maastricht, Den Haag, Copenhagen and Paris. He was part of the
San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensemble, with whom he performed works by
Steve Reich as well as the American premiere of “Y Bolanzero” by Terry
Riley. Currently, he is member of the contemporary music ensemble `Modelo
62` and of `Serenata Mexicana`, one of the few professional Mexican music
formations in Holland.
He obtained a Bachelor degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
(USA), a postgraduate degree at the Maastricht Conservatorium (2007) and a
Master degree at the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Den Haag (2009).
His interest in contemporary music has brought him to colaborate with
composers in the production of new pieces, which has resulted in the
recently premiered Guitar Concerto by Alejandro Orozco, a piece for guitar
and percussion by Alex Jiménez and an ongoing collaboration with Juan Parra

The Local Stop concert series is curated by Robert van Heumen.


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