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Sven Kacirek (live)
A.J. Holmes aka Vanishing Breed (live)
DJ: Andreas Otto & Nils Dittbrenner

Date: Sunday, April 29
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hours
Entrance: 5 euros
Reservations and more information: knock at steim.nl or 020-6228690

The label Pingipung from Lüneburg / Germany releases friendly,  
melodic Electronica since 2001. They come to STEIM with two of their  
artists to perform while the label-founders Andreas Otto and Nils  
Dittbrenner will present their most beloved records from the  
turntables before and after the shows.

Sven Kacirek (Hamburg) is a virtuoso Jazz- and Drum’n’Bass-Drummer  
who has released his first solo-album “The Palmin Sessions” on  
Pingipung this year. He substitutes his drum set for paper, wood, and  
glass (which he gently plays with brushes) as well as some toys and a  
marimba which he samples and processes to eventually show up with a  
beautifully woven minimal-electronica-sound

A.J. Holmes’ (London/Berlin) upcoming album “The King Of The New  
Electric Hi-Life” will be out on Pingipung in this summer.
Hi-Life, or ‘Highlife’, is a musical genre that is originated in  
Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria starting in the 1920's and which is  
still very much alive and developing to this day. It is a hybrid of  
African and European music styles, of which A.J. Holmes especially  
features the typical euphoric guitar-picking style. He will perform  
with a guitar, his voice, and live-looping equipment.
A.J. Holmes has released his debut album “Between Arrival And  
Departure” under the artist-name of “Vanishing Breed” on Pingipung in  


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