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STEIM presents the next concert in the Local Stop series

Alessandro Bosetti - solo
Adachi Tomomi - solo
James Fei, Uli Böttcher, Robert van Heumen - analog electronics, balloons
and 2 laptops with a different approach

Date: Sunday May 14
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hour
Entrance: 3 euro
Reservations and more information: knock at steim.nl or 020-6228690

Alessandro Bosetti
"During the concert I carry headphones. I find headphones a very poetic
object. I receive indications through the headphones and try to react to
them. Often I misunderstand them. Often I can't really control what I sing
because the headphones separate me from the environment.
I make music on conversations, conversations i had, and I make music
together with them. People I meet. Often they were carrying headphones. And
I was letting them listen to something. Then it happens you are not
listening with them because the headphones cut you out. But you can
listening their reactions. They often misunderstand too.
On one side what I do could remind of songs. Kind of almost spoken, abstract
songs. Maybe is just the duration that make them song-like, maybe they are
just 'pieces'. Maybe they are not songs at all."

Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan, Italy in 1973.
Composer, saxophonist and sound artist. He works on the musicality of spoken
words and unusual aspects of spoken communication and produced text-sound
compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and
recordings for labels of experimental music in. In his work he moves on the
line between sound anthropology and composition. Field research and
interviews often build the basis for his abstract compositions. As a
saxophonist he has developed an original instrumental language that
incorporates extended techniques, noises, and a strong influence from
electronic music. Performances in all European countries, USA and Japan.
Broadcastings and record releases in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, New
Zealand, USA. Lives and works in Berlin.

ADACHI Tomomi 
Music for voice and infrared sensor shirt. This is an instrument which is a
shirt with 10 infrared distance sensors. It is connected to a computer,
changes his voice following his bodymovement. He is interested in the body
movement of the voice performance. The gesture is a kind of modulator for
the voice. In 'music for voice and infrared sensor shirt', he connects it to
voice sound again by computertechnology. Sometimes this piece looks like
duet by the body and voice. In this piece, all sounds are sampled in
real-time without any pre-recorded sounds except the sine wave to emphasize
the contrast between the usualgesture and unusual sound in the last part.
ADACHI performs other 2 works by original sensor system and self-made

Born in Kanazawa, Japan in 1972, ADACHI Tomomi is a performer, composer. He
studied philosophy and aesthetics at Waseda University in Tokyo. He has
played improvised music with voice, live electronics and self-made
instruments. He has composed works for his own group 'Adachi Tomomi Royal
Chorus' which is a punk-style choir. He has performed contemporary music:
vocal and performance works by John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Dieter
Schnebel,TAKAHASHI Yuji and Fluxus including world premier and Japan
premier. He is only one performer of sound poetry in Japan. He performed
Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate as Japan premiere. He has made sound installation
and original instrument (Tomomin, his hand made electric instrument is
familiar with many musicians). He has performed with numerous musicians
including Jaap Blonk,Carl Stone, Erhart hirt, Butch Morris, Jon Rose, OTOMO
Yoshihide in Japan, United States and Europe. http://www.adachitomomi.com/

JUR - James Fei, Uli Böttcher and Robert van Heumen will present an
improvised set. Analog electronics by James, computer and self-made
controllers by Uli, computer and joystick by Robert - with fast changes and
hyper-reactive movements.

James Fei (b. Taipei, Taiwan) moved to the US in 1992 to pursue a degree in
electrical engineering. He has since been active in New York as a composer,
improvisor and electronic musician. Works by Fei have been performed by the
Bang on a Can All-Stars, Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble and Noord-Hollands
Philharmonisch Orkest. Recordings of his works can be found on Leo Records,
Improvised Music from Japan, CRI and Organized Sound. In addition to writing
concert music for conventional and electro-acoustic ensembles, Fei also
creates sound installations and performs in his ensembles‹Alto Quartet,
Maestros, and a duo with bassist Kato Hideki.

Uli Böttcher is an electronic musician working with self-made controllers to
tame the computer. Currently resident at STEIM, working on various
installation ideas, he has been beta-testing STEIM's sensor interface, the
junXionboard, and will use those tools in the performance. He has played
extensively with Schnack, his duo with Paul Hubweber on trombone.

Robert van Heumen is composer and musician, making electronic music in the
studio and on stage. Recent compositions include music for the choreography
Drink Me by Anouk van Dijk, and the audio-visual composition Solitude (with
multi-media artist Arnoud Noordegraaf) based on a book by Paul Auster. As a
musician he uses STEIM's live sampling software LiSa with all kinds of
controllers (some have called them 'sexy'). He is active as a member of the
electro-acoustic sextet OfficeR, electronic audio-visual trio SKIF++ and
part of the N Collective, and has shared the stage with Michel Waisvisz,
Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber, Anne LaBerge, Guy Harries, Daniel Schorno,
Roddy Schrock and Nate Wooley. His soundworld is a mixture of environmental
sounds, toys, voices, sounds from kitchen appliances, half of the time
smashed beyond repair.

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